1.Sharpens memory: In playing an instrument or singing a song, you are constantly working your muscle, visual and auditory memories.

2.Helps in the study of languages: Music is in itself a language. Studying and practicing this language will sharpen your abilities in language acquisition and development.

3.Improves handwriting: Playing an instrument develops your fine motor skills, which is vital for handwriting accuracy.

4. It helps with emotional expression: At WOLCS, it helps not only with emotional expression, but with the expression of direct praise and worship. Music is a true and pure form of praise that expresses the feelings of your heart and soul, so you may praise to the utmost level.

5. Makes you smarter: There have been many studies as to the benefits of making music on the brain, and how it sharpens your focus and concentration. Music is patterns, and to see, understand and decipher these patterns helps in the areas of the most intricate of academia.

6. Teaches you discipline: To study an instrument or learn and perform a song with great accuracy requires much dedication, practice and discipline. Discipline is a skill that will set students on a path to success.

7. Gives you a sense of achievement: There is a wonderful feeling that is experienced when one pulls of a successful performance after much practice and effort in its preparation. Seeing the face on your friends and family and knowing that you made their day a little better, the world a little happier and
the soul a little richer is a positive feeling that can only empower the student to take on new challenges and grow even stronger.

8. Relieves stress. Making music is stress relieving. It can take you away from your every day worries and focus your mind, body and soul on positive endeavors and praise.

9. Helps improve your musical tastes: By studying music you will discover different styles and composers that you may have never heard of before.

10. Its fun. :-D