WOLCS Middle School Choir/Drama Syllabus 2017-2018

An exciting addition this year is the inclusion of drama into the choir class! Students will perform and study in both areas and will be graded equally in both. Please see further details below:

Grade weighting;
50% active participation/behavior and development of technique and performance practice
30% participation in all concerts
20% assessments

Concepts covered (Choir):
Technical development for voice: breathing, articulation, tone production, intonation, sound blending
Development of sight singing
Development of music theory comprehension
Development of performance practice
Development of repertoire knowledge and understanding
Perform music from a variety of genres.
Performance etiquette

Concepts covered (Drama):
To know, trust and support all of your fellow classmates – to be a team player
To develop confidence in your ability to “think on your feet” and to enhance your presentation skills
To expand your sensory awareness while reacting to a variety of stimuli and responding with naturalness
To explore inner feelings in greater depth while creating a variety of characters
To know what questions to ask and how to answer them when deepening your character’s base
To recognize the importance of preparation – analyzing a script and scoring a role – highlighting and labeling the actions and outlining objectives, actions and qualities
To let go of some of your fears and inhibitions about performing in front of others
To trust your imagination – explore different perspectives
To think critically – analyze and evaluate your own work as well as the work of others
To understand and hone the art of acting through improv as well as the use of scripted material
To grow in your appreciation for and aesthetic awareness of theatre arts while knowing and appreciating its history.

Students are expected to be on time and to participate fully in the classes and to do their best to improve in the given focus area. Students should arrive on time ready to sing. Students will be expected to keep their music neatly organised and present. Attendance at all performances and concerts are mandatory. Sometimes, additional rehearsals may be called outside of the regular class time which are also mandatory. Please see my ‘Behavior and Grading Expectations’ page to read my policy on excused V unexcused absences.