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Welcome to Mrs Bunker’s behavior expectations! These expectations exist so you can do your best in my class and make the most progress. We want to be able to do our best for the Lord in our music and worship, and so we need to focus in class so we can be outstanding for Him.

Each class you will get a behavior/participation grade. Behavior/participation is worth 50% of your grade! If you hear me say ‘3..2..1…’ on 1 I expect you to be immediately silent, or I will remove one point from your daily behavior grade. If you get 3 points removed in one class then you will receive a de-merit and be reported for disruptive behavior.

You will also hear me clap a rhythm, and you will clap that rhythm back and give me your full attention or points will be removed from the daily grade. I will be reporting back to your home teacher any bad behavior and this will affect your placement on your homeroom’s behavior chart for the day.

If you are AMAZING in class and follow instructions well, do your best and are respectful, Godly and kind I will report positive behavior back to your home teacher who will move your placement UP your daily behavior chart and you will get 100% for that day :-)

You will have points immediately removed from your daily behavior grade if any of the following are witnessed during class:

1, Using cell phone
2, Forgetting your sheet music (if assigned)
3, Forgetting your writing implement
4, Bad language
5, Disparaging comments to a colleague
6, Displaying a generally bad attitude
7, Being disrespectful to teacher
8, Not returning homework in on time
9, Eating/drinking in class (with the exception of bottled water in a CLEAR container)
10, Chewing gum
11, Being Tardy
12, An unexcused absence to a rehearsal/performance
13, Talk unrelated to class topics
14, Forgetting your instrument and/or supplies for that instrument (reeds, bows, mouthpieces etc)

If you have an unexcused absence from school and miss my class, you will receive a 0 for that day. K-4 classes only meet with me once a week so is vital you attend! If you have an unexcused absence on an assessment day you will not be allowed to make up that grade and will be given a 0. There are limited assessments each year and so please try to make sure you’re present when there’s a test. I will alway give advance notice as to the testing schedule and they will be posted on my Wiki page and on the Google calender.

If you are excused from school for the day and miss my class, your grade will be excused for the day. If you miss a test and your absence is excused then you will be allowed to make the test up when you return.

Will be given out if 3 points are removed from the daily behavior grade for any one student. Also if the severity of any of the above listed areas is severe, a demerit may be automatically given in addition to behavior points removed at teacher discretion and the parent(s), home teacher and administration will be contacted.

Will NOT be approved during the first or last 10 minutes of the class nor during direct instruction unless in case of an emergency. The remainder of time is at teacher’s discretion.

50% Behavior
30% Performances
20% Assessments

Any and all absences from a planned extra rehearsal or concert must be excused with a letter from your parent/guardian or you will receive a 0 for that performance score with no chance for make up. We only have limited numbers of performances each year and so it is vital that absences are excused if you’re unable to attend.
If you have an excused absence from any extra rehearsals or concerts then you will have to make the grade up with awritten assignment at teacher’s discretion.
All concert attire must be worn where specified or you will have a reduced grade for that performance.

Thank you for understanding my expectations. It is my hope that by installing these rules from day one will help remind us that:
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