Beginning Band Curriculum

Beginning Band Syllabus 2017 - 2018
Teacher: Mrs. Bunker

Grade weighting;
50% active participation and development of technique and performance practice
30% participation in all concerts
20% assessments

Concepts covered:
Technical development on the instrument
Development of sight reading
Development of music theory comprehension
Development of performance practice
Development of repertoire knowledge and understanding
Perform music from a variety of genres.
Performance etiquette

Students are expected to be on time and to participate fully in the classes and to do their best to improve in the given focus area. Students will be expected to keep their music neatly organised and present. Attendance at all performance opportunities and concerts is mandatory. Sometimes, additional rehearsals may be called outside of the regular class time to accommodate rehearsal with the choir or at other venues/with other groups. Attendance at these extra rehearsals are also mandatory. Please see my policy regarding excused absences on my 'Behavior and Grading Expectations' page.

Homework expectations:
It is expected that students practice their materials on their instrument at home. When additional homework assignments are assigned then they should be handed in on time. If homework is handed in late then your grade will be reduced by one grade. Opportunities for make up work may be offered by the teacher.

Make up performance opportunities:
If you have to miss a recital due to a valid reason, an explanatory note from your parent/guardian is required. You will be expected to make up your performance in the form of a performance to the student body as directed by the teacher.

Materials required:
One plain black binder, one pencil, all of your sheet music which will be handed out when available from your teacher and your instrument with everything you need to play it.